Smiling with the dead

Photography Laurent Monserrat, Smiling with the dead©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019. Model : Claire

Man with guitars

Photography by Laurent Monserrat, Man with guitars©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019. Model: Vince91


Photography Laurent Monserrat, Luminescent©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019. Light painting, Model : Claire

Ghostly apparition

Photography Laurent Monserrat, ghostly apparition©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019.

Mehdi, alias Dayaf la Colère

Mehdi, lors des Championnats de boxe de d’Ile de France. La victoire était totale et pourtant les juges curieusement inspirés ont décidé d’oublier les assauts du premier round pour laisser gagner un adversaire valeureux, mais le plus souvent perdu sur le ring. Malaise dans le public et auprès des entraîneurs, car la victoire venait d’être…

Boxing in Melun (2)

Photography Laurent Monserrat, Boxing in Melun ©L.Monserrat, Melun, 2019. Boxe anglaise à Melun : page Facebook

Boxing in Melun

Photography Laurent Monserrat, Boxing in Melun ©L.Monserrat, Melun, 2019. Boxe anglaise à Melun : page Facebook

Sleeping with death

Photography Laurent Monserrat, Sleeping with death©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019.

La mare au diable

Photography by Laurent MonserratLa mare au diable ©L.Monserrat, Fontainebleau, 2019.

Port du havre

Photography by Laurent MonserratPort du havre©L.Monserrat, Le Havre, France, 2019.

Ballet dancer

Photography by Laurent Monserrat Ballet dancer ©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019. Model : Avril (website)


Photography by Laurent MonserratPrivacy ©L.Monserrat, Rouen, 2019.

Forbid one shot

Forbid One Shot©L.Monserrat, Melun, Seine et Marne 2019. –Forbid One Shot : AVM77 -Forbid One Shot : Facebook

From dawn

From dawn©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2018.

Mathias Lévy

Mathias lévy, ©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2018. Mathias Lévy website


Possession©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2018.

Despiau-Wlérick Museum

Museum Despiau-Wlérick ©L.Monserrat, Mont-de-Marsan, 2018. Musée Despiau-Wlérick Visit Mont-de-Marsan (facebook)

The pianist

The pianist ©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2018.   Piano  Softly, in the dusk, a woman is singing to me; Taking me back down the vista of years, till I see A child sitting under the piano, in the boom of the tingling strings And pressing the small, poised feet of a mother who smiles as she sings….

Mimetic cow

Mimetic cow, ©L.Monserrat, Auvergne, 2018.   Travel in Auvergne France Puy de la vache 

Mélanie Lianes, Satin Doll Sisters

Mélanie Lianes Satin Doll Sisters, ©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2018.   Satin Doll Sisters (official website) Satin Doll Sisters on facebook 

In the shadow of Dante

  ONE and the selfsame tongue first wounded me, So that it tinged the one cheek and the other, And then held out to me the medicine; Thus do I hear that once Achilles’ spear, His and his father’s, used to be the cause First of a sad and then a gracious boon. We turned…

Come, gentle cat, pass through the bars

The Cat My beautiful cat, come onto my heart full of love; Hold back the claws of your paw, And let me plunge into your adorable eyes Mixed with metal and agate. When my fingers lazily fondle Your head and your elastic back, And my hand gets drunk with the pleasure Of feeling your electric…