In the shadow of Dante

Photography Laurent Monserrat
In the shadow of Dante ©L.Monserrat, Nancy, 2018.


ONE and the selfsame tongue first wounded me,

So that it tinged the one cheek and the other,

And then held out to me the medicine;

Thus do I hear that once Achilles’ spear,

His and his father’s, used to be the cause

First of a sad and then a gracious boon.

We turned our backs upon the wretched valley,

Upon the bank that girds it round about,

Going across it without any speech.

There it was less than night, and less than day,

So that my sight went little in advance;

But I could hear the blare of a loud horn,

So loud it would have made each thunder faint,

Which, counter to it following its way,

Mine eyes directed wholly to one place.

After the dolorous discomfiture 379

When Charlemagne the holy emprise lost,

So terribly Orlando sounded not.

Short while my head turned thitherward I held

When many lofty towers I seemed to see,

Whereat I: “Master, say, what town is this?”


Dante, Divine comedy, Canto 31. 

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