I saw his body lying on the stage

I saw his body lying on the stage©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2020. I saw his body lying on the stage. I thought she wouldn't get up. The music had stopped. The dancer was catching her breath, the breath that had disappeared after long minutes of dancing. Then, suddenly, she stood up, carried away again, the recovered energy... Lire la Suite →

Photography by Laurent Monserrat Ballet dancer ©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019. Model : Avril (website)

The lost dancer©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2018. The Lost Dancer Spatial depths of being survive The birth to death recurrences Of feet dancing on earth of sand; Vibrations of the dance survive The sand; the sand, elect, survives The dancer. He can find no source Of magic adequate to bind The sand upon his feet, his feet... Lire la Suite →

And I dance©L.Monserrat, Melun, Paris, 2018. I have stretched ropes from bell-tower to bell-tower; garlands from window to window; chains of gold from star to star, and I dance. Rimbaud, Sentences

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