Let the light ignite the body 

Let the light ignite the body by Laurent Monserrat©2022 When the body is invaded by daylight, reliefs and lineaments remain. Contours can be seen, shadows can be glimpsed, bright areas can be seen, and yet everything is just a silhouette. The body takes on the appearance of architecture, its modenature is drawn in hollows, revealing... Lire la Suite →

The chiaroscuro of the body

The chiaroscuro of the body, modèle Sandy, ©Laurent Monserrat, Melun, 2022. Seeking to make the body disappear into the darkness in order to bring out the reliefs. Paradox of light on the body! We plunge the body into a chiaroscuro so that it offers us its most beautiful aspects. It is a quest that is undertaken... Lire la Suite →

Photography by Laurent MonserratBeyond the silky veil ©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019.Model : Avril (website)

Photography by Laurent MonserratPrivacy ©L.Monserrat, Rouen, 2019.

Photography by Laurent MonserratThe lady is lying©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019.Model : Avril (website)

Photography by Laurent MonserratHamlet complex ©L.Monserrat, Paris, 2019.Model : Avril (website)

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