Photography by Laurent MonserratArchangel ©L.Monserrat, Rouen, France, 2019.

Photography by Laurent MonserratPort du havre©L.Monserrat, Le Havre, France, 2019.

Mimetic cow, ©L.Monserrat, Auvergne, 2018.   Travel in Auvergne France Puy de la vache 

The Wild Swans at Coole The trees are in their autumn beauty, The woodland paths are dry, Under the October twilight the water Mirrors a still sky; Upon the brimming water among the stones Are nine-and-fifty swans. The nineteenth autumn has come upon me Since I first made my count; I saw, before I had... Lire la Suite →

The plain beneath the roving clouds, ©Laurent Monserrat, Château de Puivert, France, 2017.

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